Any matter in Universe (infinite space) is equal to +1 (where + is the same positive 1) - Energy Law
 ''Everything is everywhere''- Bhagavad Gita
 ''I am in you as you in me; split the wood and I am there''- Christ / ישוע מְשִׁיחָא  
 ''Different measures and weights are both repulsive to God; ... led them to the brink, and said: "Fly!", - and they flew" - Bible
 Ashes to ashes, radiation to radiation..; mustard seed = mountain; the equation sign between opposites is infinite - A. Chobur
 ''Everything is the same because physically, really divisional zero-dimensional point of time doesn't exist; opposites are the same'' - physicists (on space geometry etc.); philosophers
 "I am the world; I am you" - existentialists
 We are already there where we go; nothing is impossible - philosophy
 "Evil angel shows us the way" - proverb
 "Not with force but speed" - wisdom
 "I'm the worm, slave, Ceasar, God" - poem
 "...the way with no beginning and no end...I am that bird behind the window..." - song
 "But why: yes? But because - yes!" - G. Lorca
 "Repent?.. I don't know what they've meant." - L. Cohen
 "All the same it revolves!"- Galileo
  All abovesaid
proves our World, its contents and phenomenae, its mankind - us - to be not differentiated or segregated, but really equal and united, interactive - and we all continue to live here and beyond, always changing, forever.!.
  Stopping, differentiating time - not occupying space thence not affecting it in any way - thus doesn't exist, therefore space (world) as energy (velocity) and every its object, body or spectrum changes non-stop constantly or continually, endlessly, equally in the same form.
  1 speck of sand - as one heart - pulsating, by its motion that travels in space changes its total infinity equally to it - being changed equally in reverse: it only able to do it if it has infinite energy (as volume); that's why 1 match blows up entire oil refinery, and 1 man (or butterfly) changes all the world. 
  Existence has no form of non-existence because that doesn't exist - only death dies, and end - as nihil or time - ends. It is impossible not to exist, 
because only nothing doesn't - that's why there is everything that does and must to.
  Neither diamond-cutting nor nano-technology or any microscope can render non-geometric zero-dimensional sharpness of time - anything turns out to be oblong, spatial - what to say about such liquid and wave matter as conscience - it has no perception of time; that's why even genius of infinite intellect is same blunt.
  There's no better, worse, more, less or different - we're never there and life is only one - infinite as man, its kind and everything in unending world; thus space is our constant undestructible, unbreakable lifeboat...
  Imagination is reality - we can't imagine anything unreal; thus reality forms conscience and vice versa - the reality is the sense. One's brain as 1=infinity contains infinite information - i.e. all volume of infinite space (informational field), with all its phenomenae - that's where our idea, inspiration, discovery and construction from. The stick shows the ape how to put it to use - being the same smart; we don't create but change constantly existing material - that itself changes equally; without the same intellectual Nature a scientist would be able to think of nothig - not to say he wouldn't exist.
  Evil is kindness - kind man executes people and invent weapons; to do or make good thing one needs bad as either base, material and orientational example. The roses, bread and gold all grow from dirt.
  Matter can't be different from matter - as a tree can't be different from plant - anything "different" is that from everything thus being excluded from the world; e.g. one's perception of a matter can't be different from another - otherwise it isn't this very matter.
  There's no better 'cause life is one,
  there's no better 'cause we're never there,
  'tis impossible to live in the forest better than a wolf,
  there's no better than to live as a man,
  nothing is better than what it is because there's everything;
  there's no worse - no difference; no more...
  The same - no gain or loss - endlessly all goes

                                                          A. Chobur, PhD