& V.V...

                                And Vice Versa


   What falls, rises - what decreases, chills, equally increases, heats up. Micro inner world always compensates by macro outer. Every consequent partner avenges reverse on previous - only alternative is to be constant. Life is infinitely short and endlessly long - but never nothing i.e. death that no one knows; what exists has no form of non-existence, by definition. It is impossible not to exist, because only nothing doesn't - that's why there is everything that does and must to. Nothing disappears. Anyway, can you imagine that? There's no you, and nothing else? What then are you talking about?? Freakuency? Rich is poor: live miserably for fortune, while a coin worth king's life. Property is problem. It is warm in straw and wood, but cold in marble and gold. Fallen angel raises God to heaven: as dirt does garden - evil raises goodness: bad is only material for good, for work of improvement. Bad is so sweet as that apple (or bomb). That's why any bad trait or attitude in man always compensates by good one. Senility - is to mix illness, symptom and therapy, and dementia - bad understanding of language: normal, or typical. Einstein, Lenin and Hitler - absolutely normal men. Common. Illness is the state of health: the same number of soldiers, hikers etc. hops to beyond as that of long desperately ill – only because of their terrific health. Alzheimer’s is healthy ability not to discriminate thing from itself: pleasure and pain is the body as its matter. Leaving, not crossing nihil border, I return - going there all the same where I am. Unable to stop in a moment, everyone does change. ''Any one'' means unique and individual, as everything.  One for all, the law is uniquely, individually one for everyone – theoretical lawbreaking is physical law. To love someone you must hate the world. Pain is pleasure - it is the same nerve: de Sade is right. Courage is fear of fear (just claustrophobia). Short and small is long and tall, as that star, a mouse for an elephant, or spittle on tatami. Small detailed view is no better than large general and any attitude is individual and just in the same right, that is everyone is right in its own about everything, and lie is the lie or mistake is mistake why only one truth exists: nothing has no function in anything by definition, negation negates only itself. That I am doesn't mean that I ever left or gone. The life is always full, being unique; attention: you're changing someone's full life. Impossible to live in the forest better than a wolf, the resource is the same. Impossible to live better than neighbour - he wouldn't allow. If I cannot be happier than my dog, I am barely smarter. Even the diamond - not to mention brain - has no sharp nihil edge, but oblong interface: the simple, dumb and meek is genius. Spirit, conscience and thought is material, being the motion - and everything does that. Merit and necessity of brake makes slow quick. Left is right: the road on the left, and one on the right - ''no'' never meant none, but change of direction to equal opposite. White is black written in black. The man is the same: behave, change, think and speak, live as good as bad. Orthodoxally typical or equal of anyone to think good of self and bad of neighbour, and everything is everywhere (Bhagavat Gita), and is everyone; everyone is everyone as matter does not differ from itself. ''Different weights and measures are both repulsive to God'', ''I am in you as you in me'', ''Split the wood, and I am there''... Nobody knows where is the end-beginning, when, cannot find zilch time dimension of difference to matter that cannot be occupied by powerless on it nihil while thus volume or velocity changes constantly, non zero stop, living and  being controlled by lonely one itself. Any body moving in infinite space with therefore same speed, behaving this uniformly, occupies all the infinity consequently any else body as the same one, unique. All in one - you are the world, containing it, contained by it as yourself everywhere - it exists because you do. You are Sun - it is just Word, wave, material idea. To separate your energy (i.e. you) from that of the Sun – what is you in Sun and v.v. – physically is impossible; it is totally same. Thus laughing at self, we love and hate in everyone what we do in self, because everyone has it; our songs of joy are cries of grief - and what for? For hurting Nature - and it's ourself - hurting us!.. Love is hate, being egotistical, demanding, passionate and painful. Beauty is ugly as my taste. Gender is functionally indiscriminate unity. Object is in position of subject. Externum is my own body: that’s why I control it. Progress, or propulsion is regress in balance and compensation by any demeaning factor: success in anything is regress in else field; evolution is only mutation offset by equal regress. Deed is the responsibility; freedom, prosperity and happiness is slavery of must to work for it. One man is the object of useful work, and law, of all the state. In one world philosophers are unable to divide one by two or more equally for everyone - no nihil divisor; so the one rules integrally as the only law: if three and seven both different - different is not different from itself, three equal seven as the same one - to annihilation of multiplicity and difference, ''better'', ''worse'', ''less'', ''more'' or ''wrong''. 4=2+2-3=1 as obvious as you see. Can you imagine 10 pencils? Isn't it 9? Or 11? It is just one image continuously, or endlessly changing - as the conscience. The word ''sphere'' is the figure; butter is paper label; weather is change; colour is green; shining is diamond; metaphor is association (anything does look as that); infinite curvature is straight; nature is conscientious genius; crystal flows; stone is life; you can burn yourself with virtual, imagined cigar; man flies (yes, even to the Moon), ghost is not a hallucination; linguistics, or imagination is astronomy and geometry - as science (Da Vinci, Tesla, Bach, Goethe, Dante, Qoheleth, Christ, Buddha, Lao Tze); recognizing genius, you are the one yourself; everything possible but nothing; barbarian is civilized - any definition is any. Intellect or philosopher’s stone is any matter sample – that literally thinks for researcher, showing all the idea, sense and formula (thought is simple wave). Nature decides what and how to think: stick – mechanics, geometry and metric system; nightingale – wave theory; sky – astrophysics; simultaneously the feet carry head same foot it figures out – indiscriminately nothing goes first... Equally to any spectrum, a pebble in the road (i.e. infinite crystal intellect processor) operates all the human either universal information – lore and formulae. Speculation, or change is endless and same; changing thing is anything, integral of space as non-stop geometrical process does not break. Correct logic is delirium of motion, change only; science is any mumbo-jumbo. Any energy is the same: info blows individual away to total quantum change as nuclear or chemical explosion. A penny changes all the financial system only costing that much, and a foton changes total Universe only being all of it - otherwise would not have enough power. Comin’ outta the yard with a ruler – measurin’ the Sun: averages ‘round 1 inch – same huge star. Dogma is speech, speech is sound that is sense that is any sense that is light - as energy in its body, flying with the same speed; alpha is gamma, moving in common volume with same velocity thence occupying or containing all its space, micro is macro - totally constituting it; hunger is satiation as process, fact, matter and sense; man is woman functioning, interacting, loving indiscriminately; i.e., e.g., etc., v.v. endless. There is infinity of any unique only one in this space why everything is everything, 1=136-32=114+6-27=93-92=1...infinity=same sequence=1=infinity=any1, so that world or place is this one, geometrical-algebraically precise. All the same - for grief, and for happiness. The world sees and does all indifferently - indefinitely; the moment wouldn’t stop, the truth known has the shape of process of its infinite, indefinite motion... Very far from truth is the truth. Expand mind to Cosmos - or narrow it to a speck - indifferent to fate. In infinite world there is infinity of cause pro and contra - choice is equal, i.e. one. In infinite world there is infinity of everything, including you (and your life). In one world, turning round one star, reaching the same value, bigger success - or failure - is impossible 'cause everybody is eager-fervent only for own success, indifferent to anybody's else. Do continue to turn one and the same coin, consulting speedometer named watch. Everything crawls to the sun - and it burns; but only you rule your life, subjected nonetheless to anything. Imagination is reality: we cannot imagine something that does not exist (i.e. death). But what seems is there really, and you are right. Life is endless - some see tunnel of light, some feel cremation - for short (isotopic spectrum is small in comparison with outer space): continuum beyond is infinitely long and has any form of existence... In continuous non-broken process the cause, effect, sequence, fact, matter, knowledge and action is the same. If a man, or anything, wasn't in your space - that is your own organism - occupying it, he wouldn't be able to do with you anything. He would even nowhere to be seen, in unreal ''different dimension''- that is dimension different from itself. That's why surgery is possible, action, and communication. 1=∞=any1, there's no time different from space, I am you. And so on


Spot the equality:



1 = 1

∑ = G = s = λ = c = v = a = 1 = ∞ = any1     A.Chobur, PhD